Monday, 31 October 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Simple Bird

Sunday felt the first time in ages I'd actually gotten dressed properly, so I kept it super simple and just threw on this Topshop Peacock feather jacket to keep me warm since it was a little bit chilly in the house! The extra hour in bed was a nice little treat too! I wish we got that every Sunday morning!

Topshop Jacket, New Look Tank, H&M Treggings,
Michael Kors Watch, Chan Luu Bracelet, Prada Heels

I hope everyone is having a good Halloween! No one really celebrates it around here, so no costumes for me this year, and we didn't even have anyone come Trick or Treating to our door tonight either :(

Happy Halloween

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Let's Get Crafty: Decoupage Giraffe

This was my very first attempt at decoupaging anything and I couldn't believe how simple it was to do!

You will need:

*Something to decoupage
*torn up paper
*PVA Glue
*Paint Brush

And all you need to do is mix some PVA glue and water and start gluing each piece of paper onto your object, overlapping them and making sure that the glue is covering each piece of paper on both sides! I found the small you tear the paper the easy it is to cover fiddly parts. I used the same paper for all over my giraffe but you can use a mixture of paper to create an unusual unique pattern! Once you object is completely covered leave it to dry and then you can paint over a coat of the glue mixture to make sure all of the paper is sealed and it acts as a varnish!

And voila! Here you have a little Decoupaged Giraffe! This was actually a part of my mum's birthday gift, as giraffes are her favourite animal!


Action Shot! (Yes I was wrapped in a blanket, it was freezing!)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nail Color: Chocolate & Gold

I'm not too sure what originally inspired this combination of OPI's Glitzerland and You Don't Know Jacques when I grabbed both of these bottles on Saturday night but after my nails were painted two things came to mind!

1. Lindt Chocolate Bunnies (or Reindeer's at this time of year) I think it made me think of the chocolate wrapped in the gold paper!

2. I use to wear this brown tank with a gold shrug to school a lot it was one of my favourite outfits back in the day and these nails match it perfectly!

I love the gold glitter for the party season and it makes many appearances on my nails throughout the year (including last weekend for a Hen Night) and the gorgeous grey-taupe is just a great staple nail color that matches with so much!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Let's Get Crafty: Leather Wrap Bracelets

A good few months ago (yes I know I'm way behind on some of my posts, whoops) I saw these friendship bracelets on Rosa Loves DC made from this tutorial on Honestly...WTF and knew they'd make a great project to keep me busy! I went and found a few supplies locally and made my first bracelet. Once I knew I could make them I ordered some more supplies online (I got the waxed linen here and my dad supplied the hex nuts from work) and then I got carried away making bracelets!

These pictures are from the first batch I made! When I ran out of linen I ordered even more in some different colors and have since made quite a few more! You may have seen me wearing a few on my wrists in some of my OOTD's!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Getting Dressed

October has been lacking in OOTD posts, I'm so sorry! I only just got a round to getting a new camera (although I'm not liking it at all, it was a rushed purchased because I needed one for last weekend) and since my sister took hers back to university I've been a bit stuck in the camera department! I've also not had many days off to wear outfits worth sharing and the days I have had off I've spent in comfy jeans and tees while  crafting away at home, a bit like my outfit from today, but I thought I'd share anyway! November should be filled with more outfit posts and by then fall will be well underway, yay for warm sweaters and boots!

New Look Top, Sandals & Earrings, Forever 21 Sweater,
True Religion Jeans, DKNY Watch

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

I could not be happier that it is Saturday night! I am ready for a good night's sleep and not having my alarm go off in the morning! Last weekend was amazing and I had the best time but this week has dragged and I am in desperate need of a day off to just chill out and sleep!

My new guilty TV pleasure at the moment is Strictly Come Dancing! Every year when the series starts I know that fall is here and that Christmas is just around the corner! My favourite celebrity dancer this year is Chelsee Healey.

It's less than a month until the new Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part One hits cinemas and I've decided I want to read the whole series again before I go and see the film! I'm about a third through the first book, I hope I get through them all in time, I'm such a slow reader!

Photo Credit: JJJ

I'll hopefully have time to write a post tomorrow and catch you all up on my trip to Bristol so here's a sneak peak at me just walking along the tree tops!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Think Pink, Live Green

At the beginning of the month this little orange packet arrived on my doorstep but inside it was filled with pink goodness! This Chan Luu bracelet was the first item I purchased from my 'Shopping For A Cause' post. I already owned Chan Luu pieces but had never purchased directly from the Chan Luu website.

First things first, their international shipping was like lightening! I had barely placed my order and it was already here! It was packaged so beautifully and  here is my lovely little bracelet which helps raises funds to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

The bracelet came in a matching pouch with a guide to reducing your risk of breast cancer! It's packed full of interesting information from the history of breast development, realities of breast cancer and opportunities to Think Pink, Live Green everyday! It surprised me how much I learnt from reading this simple guide!

Perfect pink bling for my wrist.

Even the bag and cute crystal detail on the drawstring.

You can download and read the guide here

So remember to


Friday, 14 October 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

Just popping in quickly because I've been so busy and I need to finish packing so I can go and catch my train, but I am bouncing off the walls right now because I am off to spend the weekend with all my best girls from High School! We haven't all been together in so long, unfortunately one of girls can't join us, we'll miss Kate so much, but I'm sure this weekend will be packed full of laughs and even more great memories.

And the reason for this weekend away is this lovely lady! Amy, the gorgeous bride to be (although not until February) we're having the hen weekend early!

Right I've gotta go, I'm so hyper right now!!! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Legally London

I'm so behind on blogging, sorry it's a super busy week at the moment!

I'm sure you all know I went to spend my sister's 21st birthday in London with her! Well I think it's time I shared what we got up too!

We headed off to The Savoy Theatre to catch a matinee performance of Legally Blonde ( the film is a favourite of mine) and it didn't disappoint! I'd go and see it again in a flash, I love the way they turned it into a musical, it had so many laughs through out too! A Legally Blonde cocktail was the first point of call after the show before meeting some more of my sisters friends for drinks! We then headed off to Trafalgar Square to check out the Olympic countdown clock in the dark ( I first saw it here) while we waited for some food! More drinks were involved after the meal before a tube ride back to mys sisters house, were a nice lay in followed the following morning! I definitely wish my 21st had been more like this!