Saturday, 29 October 2011

Let's Get Crafty: Decoupage Giraffe

This was my very first attempt at decoupaging anything and I couldn't believe how simple it was to do!

You will need:

*Something to decoupage
*torn up paper
*PVA Glue
*Paint Brush

And all you need to do is mix some PVA glue and water and start gluing each piece of paper onto your object, overlapping them and making sure that the glue is covering each piece of paper on both sides! I found the small you tear the paper the easy it is to cover fiddly parts. I used the same paper for all over my giraffe but you can use a mixture of paper to create an unusual unique pattern! Once you object is completely covered leave it to dry and then you can paint over a coat of the glue mixture to make sure all of the paper is sealed and it acts as a varnish!

And voila! Here you have a little Decoupaged Giraffe! This was actually a part of my mum's birthday gift, as giraffes are her favourite animal!


Action Shot! (Yes I was wrapped in a blanket, it was freezing!)


  1. Totally in love with your decoupage giraffe!! Looks like something out of the Anthropologie catalogue! I bet your mum is going to love it!

    Did you also make the giraffe too? You've got skills girl! :o)

  2. Thanks Sam! I didn't make the actual giraffe, I'm not that good haha! I think it would be easy to make your own object though, I think i'd want to start with something a bit simpler though!



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