Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

I could not be happier that it is Saturday night! I am ready for a good night's sleep and not having my alarm go off in the morning! Last weekend was amazing and I had the best time but this week has dragged and I am in desperate need of a day off to just chill out and sleep!

My new guilty TV pleasure at the moment is Strictly Come Dancing! Every year when the series starts I know that fall is here and that Christmas is just around the corner! My favourite celebrity dancer this year is Chelsee Healey.

It's less than a month until the new Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part One hits cinemas and I've decided I want to read the whole series again before I go and see the film! I'm about a third through the first book, I hope I get through them all in time, I'm such a slow reader!

Photo Credit: JJJ

I'll hopefully have time to write a post tomorrow and catch you all up on my trip to Bristol so here's a sneak peak at me just walking along the tree tops!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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