Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nail Color: Chocolate & Gold

I'm not too sure what originally inspired this combination of OPI's Glitzerland and You Don't Know Jacques when I grabbed both of these bottles on Saturday night but after my nails were painted two things came to mind!

1. Lindt Chocolate Bunnies (or Reindeer's at this time of year) I think it made me think of the chocolate wrapped in the gold paper!

2. I use to wear this brown tank with a gold shrug to school a lot it was one of my favourite outfits back in the day and these nails match it perfectly!

I love the gold glitter for the party season and it makes many appearances on my nails throughout the year (including last weekend for a Hen Night) and the gorgeous grey-taupe is just a great staple nail color that matches with so much!


  1. Lovely nails Stacey, love the combo! I'm totally into golds atm! so christmassy :)

  2. Beautiful chocolate color, love it!

    Liz Lizo

  3. I already have You Don't Know Jacques, and I've had Glitzerland on my Ebay ''buy'' list for a couple months - might have to buy it now!

  4. I think you need it Suzy, press the BUY button! haha


  5. Love the nail polish color! :)


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