Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Zipped Up Florals

I love florals, but sometimes a tee can be boring, so I loved this one from Urabn Outfitters that zipped up at the back! The weather was gorgeous on Sunday and early eveing was the best time of day just as the sun started to go down! I'd spent the day back to uni shopping with my sister and having lunch with a school friend! I can't believe my little sister has been at university for a year and it's almost time for her to go back for her second year!
Urban Outfitters Top, New Look Tank, True Religion Jeans,
Sam Edelman Sandals, Michael Kors Watch, Vintage Bracelet

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Brooklands Museum

 My dad is one of the hardest people I know to get a gift for, he never wants anything and never even gives you a little suggestion. So this year I got him a trip to Brooklands Museum. We got to go on board a Concorde (I would have loved to have taken a flight on one) checked out some other planes along with some war ones and the place was full of buses and cars too!


All these controls are crazy!

We checked out some other planes too and all I can say is I've been flying with the wrong airlines all my life! I need a plane decked out like this!

When buses had horses instead of wheels!

The old race track! It's a lot steeper to walk up than it looks!

Mercedes Benz World is right next door and we'd planned to check it out too but we ran out of time, so we quickly popped in for a flying 5 minutes visit! My dad wants to go back and do one of the driving experiences they offer!

And I came home with.......

Just kidding, I wish I'd come home with one of them though!

Outfit Of The Day: After Work Shirts

Saturday mornings at work are always better when they start with a blueberry muffin for breakfast and when you know you have a week off to follow!! I started my time off by going to visit some friends in their new flat after work!! I changed from a work shirt into one of my 'weekend shirts' that I picked up on sale in Primark last month!
Primark Shirt & Shoes, COH Jeans, H&M Necklace,
Gifted Bag & Rings, DKNY Watch

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Susie & Stacey's Garden Party

It's Party Time!!
We all had fun chilling in the garden and barbecuing some food! Of course no garden party would be complete without a host of fun games that we all played at our childhood birthday parties, like parcel the parcel (with stupid forfeits), musical statues and pin the tale on the donkey. We also beat up a poor giraffe pinata, played with bubble wands and had a cupcake decorating contest, the theme was something or someone in the garden! It was hard for me and Susie to pick a winner, everyone was so creative! We choose the bowls cupcake after the boys had started a spontaneous game on the bowls in the garden! The winners of the games even went home with winner medals! I'd love to say we'd throw a garden party every summer but Susie will be in japan next summer, so the next one will have to be 2013!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Blog Birthday

So I'm a few days late, but my blog turned One on Monday!! It's hard to believe I've been blogging for a whole year! I still feel so new to the blogger world and that I have a whole lot more to learn, but I love reading every one's blogs and I've discovered some amazing people out there! Here's to wishing another year full of blogging and discovering more wonderful reads!

Outfit Of The Day: Striped Shorts

A gorgeous hot Sunday, meant I could finally get some shorts on again and I went with this new striped pair that I found after loving the pair I borrowed from my friend Charlotte here. We went to watch the local carnival, but it's just not the same as it use to be! I miss all the big decorated lorries and people throwing sweets into the crowd! Thanks to Health & Safety, most companies/clubs decide to walk around the route now instead!
UO Tee, Primark Shorts, Sam Edelman Sandals,
Vintage Bag, Raybans, Michael Kors Watch,
Gifted Rings, Vintage/Handmade Bracelets