Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Brooklands Museum

 My dad is one of the hardest people I know to get a gift for, he never wants anything and never even gives you a little suggestion. So this year I got him a trip to Brooklands Museum. We got to go on board a Concorde (I would have loved to have taken a flight on one) checked out some other planes along with some war ones and the place was full of buses and cars too!


All these controls are crazy!

We checked out some other planes too and all I can say is I've been flying with the wrong airlines all my life! I need a plane decked out like this!

When buses had horses instead of wheels!

The old race track! It's a lot steeper to walk up than it looks!

Mercedes Benz World is right next door and we'd planned to check it out too but we ran out of time, so we quickly popped in for a flying 5 minutes visit! My dad wants to go back and do one of the driving experiences they offer!

And I came home with.......

Just kidding, I wish I'd come home with one of them though!

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