Thursday, 25 August 2011

Susie & Stacey's Garden Party

It's Party Time!!
We all had fun chilling in the garden and barbecuing some food! Of course no garden party would be complete without a host of fun games that we all played at our childhood birthday parties, like parcel the parcel (with stupid forfeits), musical statues and pin the tale on the donkey. We also beat up a poor giraffe pinata, played with bubble wands and had a cupcake decorating contest, the theme was something or someone in the garden! It was hard for me and Susie to pick a winner, everyone was so creative! We choose the bowls cupcake after the boys had started a spontaneous game on the bowls in the garden! The winners of the games even went home with winner medals! I'd love to say we'd throw a garden party every summer but Susie will be in japan next summer, so the next one will have to be 2013!!


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