Monday, 27 June 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Let The Sun Shine

The weather I have been waiting for finally arrived on Sunday! I spent the day sitting out in my friend's garden and it was sheer bliss! As soon as I woke up, I knew I wanted to wear my new Forever 21 shorts, they perfectly reflected the weather and my mood! I don't own much yellow, but it's such a happy color and totally makes you stand out! Now I just hope this weather holds out for the rest of the week!!

Forever 21 Top & Shorts, Etsy Necklace,
Topshop Ring

What did everyone else get up to this weekend???

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Taste The {Denim} Rainbow

Although I love the bright colored jeans that have been everywhere, I've never felt that I've been able to rock them as much as I'd love to! Step forward my new obsession! Brightly colored denim shorts! I've seen them everywhere this spring, but I was not up for paying over $100 for a pair from the likes of J Brand, when I wasn't too sure how I'd feel about them!

I got this pink pair from Forever 21 back in May (seen here) and now I can't stop! I arrived home from work today to find my latest Forever 21 order waiting patiently for me! I opened it up to find this beautiful rainbow of shorts before me and my first thought was which color should I buy next?! Maybe a lilac pair?

These are a great steal compared to the J Brand versions selling for $158 at Revolve Clothing

I am going to be rocking these shorts all summer and when they start from just $10 a pair why not create the whole rainbow! While a whole leg of color might be a little bit too bold for me, these I can work with!

Check out Forever 21's selection here.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

Noooo there is only one week left in June :(  It's gone so quickly and unfortunately the weather hasn't been too great either! The last week of June is by far the most exciting for me since it involves my birthday and fingers crossed, it is suppose to warm up over the weekend and be gorgeously sunny next week! I hope they're right since I'm having a 2 day midweek break from work! The weather hasn't made me smile but these things have....

A gorgeous new Blu Moon skirt I ordered from Revolve Clothing yesterday! I had a 25% off coupon that I needed to put to good use and nothing beats a floral maxi skirt!

I watched Easy A for the first time last weekend! I'd picked it up as a good Sunday afternoon chill out funny film and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! Emma Stone is witty, sarcastic & funny throughout and I loved that it's narrated through an Internet Blog! I can't say I've paid much attention to Emma Stone before seeing her in this, but I think she's definitely a star to watch out for!

Buy it at Amazon
For my birthday last year I got the Zumba DVD's and I've only used them a few times, It's such a fun workout but I just never seem to find time to put the DVD on! I really wanna go to a class and they've just started up a few near me that I can actually make after work, so I'm excited to try one of them out! They had the Wii Zumba game on offer in Tesco, so I purchased it since everyone loves playing Wii games at my house and I actually find this a lot easier than the DVD's! has anyone else tried a Zumba class before?

Buy it at Amazon

While I'm not a die hard tennis fan, when Wimbledon comes around every June, I find myself watching a lot more of the Tennis on TV! I'm a Roger Federer fan but it would be lovely to see Andy Murray win on his home land! I also thought Laura Robson played her heart out today and I'm sure over the next few years we'll get to see a lot more of her at Wimbledon!

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UPDATED: Low Luv x Erin Wasson Vs Topshop Vs Forever 21 Armour Ring

I thought I'd update the most viewed page on my blog! Back in April I posted about this great Topshop ring that looked just like the Low Luv Armour Knuckle Ring.
This ring isn't as close to the original as the Topshop version but this Forever 21 one is even more of a steal £4.90 ($5.80 in the US) verses £14 for the Topshop version! It comes in gold or silver just like the Low Luv ring!

Forever 21 £4.90

Click here to purchase if you're in the UK or here if you're in the US!

My Original Post 2nd April 2011
While browsing the Topshop website yesterday for a picture of the silver knuckle ring I found in store, I came across another great look for less! This Low Luv x Erin Wasson Armour Knuckle ring retails for $80 on Shopbop and comes in gold and silver and has been seen on the finger of Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens.

$80 Shopbop

This Topshop Pyramid Knuckle Ring comes in gold and is another steal at just £14 ( or $28 here in the US). Get yours here or click the picture below!

£14 Topshop

I didn't see this in store otherwise I would have snapped it up too, but I'm gonna ask my sister to check for me when she heads into the city next week!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Let's Get Crafty: DIY Heartloom Dinah Cardigan

This is sort of a DIY/Look for Less post! I first fell in love with the Heartloom Dinah cardigan after seeing Vanessa Hudgens rock it with her jeans and Chinese Laundry boots! Catherine Heigl has also been seen wearing this cardigan which retailed for $158 at Revolve Clothing but is now sold out.

I should also say this post is more than a little bit overdue since I purchased this cardigan back in January! I first thought of the idea when I saw Amber from Amber's Notebook post on her Facebook Page that Taylor from Sterling Style had the same Urban Outfitters byCorpus sweater but in an ivory color (see Amber wearing her's here and Taylor in the ivory verison here).

I ran over to the Urban Outfitters site and grabbed the ivory sweater on sale for $24 (they only have black/white available at the moment here). A massive saving of $134 on the original! My plan was to sew brass studs down each side to make it just look like the Heartloom version. The byCorpus version even has the same style pockets!

Before I had time to add studs to my look a like (I'd already been wearing it out a lot as seen here & here) I found the original on sale so decided to purchase it too! I decided not to add the studs for the time being as I'd found the original, but I gotta say I think I've worn my Urban Outfitters version more, it's slightly thicker and warmer, but also looks a bit more bulky on! The Heartloom is more practical on slightly warmer days and for an edgier look!

Apart from missing the studs and being a slightly darker color the Urban Outfitters version is a dead ringer for the Heartloom and would be a great look a like just as it is or you could D.I.Y for a closer match! UO seem to bring this sweater back each winter in lots of colors and I highly recommend you get one when next winter comes around!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Blogger Problems?!

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with my outfit at all, but has anyone else been having problems with blogger recently?? It won't let me stay signed in and Goggle Friends Connect doesn't show up on any blogs for me, so I can't follow blogs that way :( Is anyone else having this problem or just me?? It's probably just me I've never been that great with technology!

This was a super quick outfit from when I finished work the other night and had to run straight back out the door as soon as I got home! I had the pink tunic on with long black shorts for work but it had turned cooler so I threw jeans on underneath instead!
Primark Tunic & Bag, Tag Jeans, Havaianas

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nail Color: Royal Edition Take Two

You may have seen my first Royal Wedding Nail Color post here. If not or if you haven't heard when Kate Middleton got married back in April, her manicure was a custom blended polish using a mix of  Bourjois’ So Laque Ultra Shine nail polish in shade Rose Lounge and Essie’s 423 Allure. I tried the Bourjois out in my last post and this time I used Essie Allure! I don't know which one I like better out of the two! They're both perfect pale colours, I do love with the Essie one that I could add more coats, I went for a super sheer effect this time around! Next up is blending the two together, maybe I'll be even more in love with them mixed!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Plain & Simple

Whenever I don't know what to wear or I'm in a hurry I always go to a plain tee and a scarf. Sunday morning was a mixture of the too, I was tired and uninspired and also in a hurry because I wanted to be ready in time to go and get pancake's for breakfast with my mum and sister. The only problem I had was deciding which scarf to wear! I have one of those amazing scarf hangers from Ikea hanging on the back of my wardrobe door and it's filled with scarves, I love opening the wardrobe door and they're all just hanging there. I got a little bit too excited when I first got the hanger, I'm actually gonna need to get another one soon, I'm getting quite a few scarves, I brought three more back from Rome with me!

Dorothy Perkins Tee, COH Jeans, Scarf from Rome,
Jennifer Zeuner Necklace, Michael Kors Watch

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

I love my Dad more than words could ever express! In the past we fought a lot especially when I was a teenager and we still do at times now, but I could never be without him! I was always a Daddy's Girl when I was little, he was my hero. I feel so blessed to still have my Dad here with me, I know so many people that aren't so fortunate. I hope everyone Dad out there is being spoilt today and getting to spend some much loved time with their daughters and sons.

I've realised I don't have many pictures of me and my Dad together, something I feel needs fixing!

Stacey's Smiles :)

It's less than two weeks to my birthday!!!! I really hope this awful June weather has gone by then, I want a day full of sunshine! On to this week's smiles :)

Despite the rain and hail I managed to enjoy the village fete with my sister for a little while! We had just gotten our ice-creams when the heavens opened and me, being my clumsy self dropped my ice cream as I was putting my umbrella up. I queued again to get another one and the lovely ice cream man gave it to me for free since I'd dropped my other one, so sweet of him! We had to shelter by a wall to eat them and I took some quick pictures with my phone.

I am a huge fan of Planet Blue and I love the Precious Hands line they stock! I have two bags and you might have noticed I've carried my crochet tube bag in numerous posts like here, here & here.

'Precious Hands' mission is to help artisans make an honest living and prosper by helping them to produce, market and sell their handmade crafts to world-wide markets. Mayan jewelry is made from the materials that surround their every day lives. Natural seeds from their agriculture, ceramic from their cookware, weavings from their clothing and metals they use in their ornaments. Jewelry plays an important role in the lives of the Mayan people as it is central in the rituals they celebrate.'

Planet Blue have just restocked lots of the bags and bracelets online, but hurry because they always sell out in a flash! Get them here now.

I've been thinking about doing a Vlog for a while now but have never got around to it! One of the main reasons being we don't have a web camera on the computer I use most of the time and and the laptop that does have a camera is preoccupied most of the time! My poor little camera isn't great for taking videos either. But I now have a little pocket camcorder and I think it needs to be tested out with a shopping haul Vlog! I've been debating with getting a Flip camera for well over a year now but never thought I'd get enough use out of it, so when I saw this cheaper version on Ebay (apparently made by the makers of Flip and this one was still sealed in the box) I decided to try it out and I thought it would be great to take along to the Grand Prix with me next month to show some support for the Mclaren Mercedes team!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Candy Stripes

As I'm sat here writing this I am currently in a pair of VS Pink Sweats and a Rebel Yell Sweater because I got soaked through when I got caught in a storm earlier today! This was my outfit from earlier in the day, when those darkening clouds managed to hold in their hailstones, well until I went to the Village fete and then the heavens decided to open. Another Hi-Lo hem top, I keep adding more of these to my wardrobe!

I also just noticed my necklace has twisted around in my pictures and you can't see it properly :( It's the same one I was wearing in the previous post!

Millau Top, A&F Jeans, Primark Necklace,
Precious Hands Bag, Havaianas, Brandy Melville
Bracelet, Earrings & Rings from  Travels

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Outfit Of The Day: 3D Vision

I've had a constant headache for the past couple of weeks and my doctor advised me to go and get my eyes tested so I've booked an appointment for Monday, or should I say my Mum has because I didn't want to go! I hate anything to do with eyes, I have to be pinned down to get any drops put in my eyes (remember Rachel in the Friends episode? Well that's me). The only time I ever wear my glasses is for driving but I decided to wear them at the cinema last night because every time I've been to see a 3D film in the past, I've never really been able to see all these 'special' effects, I see a few of the 3D things, but I guess since I've never been able to see these 3D things properly, I can't really tell what I'm missing out on! Wearing my glasses didn't help at all, I still didn't see any effects, but I did get to watch Captain Jack Sparrow swanning around the big screen for the evening and I was quite content!

H&M Sweater, Mark Avon Dress, Primark Necklace

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Nail Color: Essie French Affair

Oh-la-la! I feel like I really should be posting a nail color related to Italy, but I have a very soft spot for France and the 'French Affair' Collection from Essie! This pastel pink is my favourite from the collection and is seeing me through the spring right into summer! It matches oh so well with pink denim shorts and floral floaty pieces, but I just have this image of it being the perfect nail color for any girl in the 60's with her mini dress, short hair and platform shoes!

On another note, does anyone have any good products they can recommend for cuticles? Mine have been so dry and rough lately, I need a miracle product for them.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Purple Passion

When I woke up on Sunday, I just had an urge to wear purple! I don't know why, but sometimes I feel the need to wear a particular colour for the day! I pulled out my old Gypsy 05 Dress (I have 3 of these, if you don't own one go and get one now) and my Rebecca Minkoff Rocker! I adore RM bags, I just purchased a Nikki last week and can't wait for it to arrive! I also rocked the blue necklace and wooden ring my sister gifted me from Spain along with my bird bracelet.

Was it just me or did Sunday seem to be gone in the blink of an eye this week?! I feel like I missed it! Maybe it was working Saturday or the 5 and a half hour Canadian Grand Prix that I watched, such an epic race though and a well deserved win for Jenson Button! Silverstone in less than month!!!!!!

Gypsy 05 Dress, Sam Edelman Sandals, Rebecca Minkoff
Rocker, Gifted Necklaces, Wooden Ring & Bracelet

Sunday, 12 June 2011

When In Rome.......Part Two

If you weren't bored with all my pictures from Part One, then here are some more pictures from Rome! We went to the gorgeous Villa d’Este gardens in Tivoli and it was the first time we attempted the Metro and the buses, after this trip we were experts and just blended in with all the locals! I have never seen so many fountains in all my life, I'd love to know exactly how many there were, and the views from the gardens were breath taking.
On the Saturday we headed off to Vatican City to go and check out all the museums, the Sistine Chapel & St. Peter's Basilica. You're not meant to take any pictures inside the Sistine Chapel and we respected this although most tourists were snapping away, I have never seen such a work of art in all my life and I don't think anything will ever compare! If you're ever in Rome this is a must see!
 Sunday we checked out the huge market which went on for miles, I have no idea how long it was after a couple of hours we decided to head back the way we came from and went back to the apartment for some lunch! We then made our first attempt to go and do some boating but we got rather lost in the park and then it decided to down pour with rain! After what seemed like forever we found our way out and headed back to shelter until the rain stopped and then got dressed up to go for a meal in what was our favourite restaurant from the trip!
There's another post to come, I took a lot of pictures!