Sunday, 12 June 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

Wow we're nearly half way through June already! Where is 2011 going?? I love June it's my favourite month of the year, The nights are light, the weather is starting to get warmer (well some of the time it is), It's my Birthday, as well as my Dad's and it's the Norfolk Show. I worked 6 days this week, and I'm just not use to it after all these long Bank Holiday weekends, but these are the things that kept me smiling!

Yummmmmmmmm, my favourite local ice cream! My ears prick up every time I hear the ice cream van music now!

The cupcakes I made for my Dad's Birthday this week! I only had 20 minutes to decorate them, but with some help from my Mum (what would I do without her) we managed to throw these together!

The bracelet me sister got me as a gift from her holiday in Spain. How adorable are the little birds on it. I'm so happy to have her home for the summer now, even if she does have a perfect tan, while I still look like a ghost!

I have a new addiction to Brandy Melville since going to Rome and I discovered that there's a store in London, I shall be saving for when I take my next trip down there!

If anyone sees this bebe dress in the gorgeous pink color in an XS please let me know! I am dying for it after seeing Kim Kardashian wearing it twice in a week! It retails for $159 but is now sold out online :(

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  1. That Bebe dress is gorgeous! I'll keep my eye out for you :)

    Rachael xoxo


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