Thursday, 16 June 2011

Outfit Of The Day: 3D Vision

I've had a constant headache for the past couple of weeks and my doctor advised me to go and get my eyes tested so I've booked an appointment for Monday, or should I say my Mum has because I didn't want to go! I hate anything to do with eyes, I have to be pinned down to get any drops put in my eyes (remember Rachel in the Friends episode? Well that's me). The only time I ever wear my glasses is for driving but I decided to wear them at the cinema last night because every time I've been to see a 3D film in the past, I've never really been able to see all these 'special' effects, I see a few of the 3D things, but I guess since I've never been able to see these 3D things properly, I can't really tell what I'm missing out on! Wearing my glasses didn't help at all, I still didn't see any effects, but I did get to watch Captain Jack Sparrow swanning around the big screen for the evening and I was quite content!

H&M Sweater, Mark Avon Dress, Primark Necklace


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