Thursday, 23 June 2011

Let's Get Crafty: DIY Heartloom Dinah Cardigan

This is sort of a DIY/Look for Less post! I first fell in love with the Heartloom Dinah cardigan after seeing Vanessa Hudgens rock it with her jeans and Chinese Laundry boots! Catherine Heigl has also been seen wearing this cardigan which retailed for $158 at Revolve Clothing but is now sold out.

I should also say this post is more than a little bit overdue since I purchased this cardigan back in January! I first thought of the idea when I saw Amber from Amber's Notebook post on her Facebook Page that Taylor from Sterling Style had the same Urban Outfitters byCorpus sweater but in an ivory color (see Amber wearing her's here and Taylor in the ivory verison here).

I ran over to the Urban Outfitters site and grabbed the ivory sweater on sale for $24 (they only have black/white available at the moment here). A massive saving of $134 on the original! My plan was to sew brass studs down each side to make it just look like the Heartloom version. The byCorpus version even has the same style pockets!

Before I had time to add studs to my look a like (I'd already been wearing it out a lot as seen here & here) I found the original on sale so decided to purchase it too! I decided not to add the studs for the time being as I'd found the original, but I gotta say I think I've worn my Urban Outfitters version more, it's slightly thicker and warmer, but also looks a bit more bulky on! The Heartloom is more practical on slightly warmer days and for an edgier look!

Apart from missing the studs and being a slightly darker color the Urban Outfitters version is a dead ringer for the Heartloom and would be a great look a like just as it is or you could D.I.Y for a closer match! UO seem to bring this sweater back each winter in lots of colors and I highly recommend you get one when next winter comes around!

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  1. I think it looks great! Good job girl!



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