Sunday, 19 June 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

It's less than two weeks to my birthday!!!! I really hope this awful June weather has gone by then, I want a day full of sunshine! On to this week's smiles :)

Despite the rain and hail I managed to enjoy the village fete with my sister for a little while! We had just gotten our ice-creams when the heavens opened and me, being my clumsy self dropped my ice cream as I was putting my umbrella up. I queued again to get another one and the lovely ice cream man gave it to me for free since I'd dropped my other one, so sweet of him! We had to shelter by a wall to eat them and I took some quick pictures with my phone.

I am a huge fan of Planet Blue and I love the Precious Hands line they stock! I have two bags and you might have noticed I've carried my crochet tube bag in numerous posts like here, here & here.

'Precious Hands' mission is to help artisans make an honest living and prosper by helping them to produce, market and sell their handmade crafts to world-wide markets. Mayan jewelry is made from the materials that surround their every day lives. Natural seeds from their agriculture, ceramic from their cookware, weavings from their clothing and metals they use in their ornaments. Jewelry plays an important role in the lives of the Mayan people as it is central in the rituals they celebrate.'

Planet Blue have just restocked lots of the bags and bracelets online, but hurry because they always sell out in a flash! Get them here now.

I've been thinking about doing a Vlog for a while now but have never got around to it! One of the main reasons being we don't have a web camera on the computer I use most of the time and and the laptop that does have a camera is preoccupied most of the time! My poor little camera isn't great for taking videos either. But I now have a little pocket camcorder and I think it needs to be tested out with a shopping haul Vlog! I've been debating with getting a Flip camera for well over a year now but never thought I'd get enough use out of it, so when I saw this cheaper version on Ebay (apparently made by the makers of Flip and this one was still sealed in the box) I decided to try it out and I thought it would be great to take along to the Grand Prix with me next month to show some support for the Mclaren Mercedes team!

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