Sunday, 12 June 2011

When In Rome.......Part Two

If you weren't bored with all my pictures from Part One, then here are some more pictures from Rome! We went to the gorgeous Villa d’Este gardens in Tivoli and it was the first time we attempted the Metro and the buses, after this trip we were experts and just blended in with all the locals! I have never seen so many fountains in all my life, I'd love to know exactly how many there were, and the views from the gardens were breath taking.
On the Saturday we headed off to Vatican City to go and check out all the museums, the Sistine Chapel & St. Peter's Basilica. You're not meant to take any pictures inside the Sistine Chapel and we respected this although most tourists were snapping away, I have never seen such a work of art in all my life and I don't think anything will ever compare! If you're ever in Rome this is a must see!
 Sunday we checked out the huge market which went on for miles, I have no idea how long it was after a couple of hours we decided to head back the way we came from and went back to the apartment for some lunch! We then made our first attempt to go and do some boating but we got rather lost in the park and then it decided to down pour with rain! After what seemed like forever we found our way out and headed back to shelter until the rain stopped and then got dressed up to go for a meal in what was our favourite restaurant from the trip!
There's another post to come, I took a lot of pictures!


  1. I love Rome, it is one of my favorite cities in the world :) Great photos!


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  2. oh man. it looks beyond beautiful. i want to go so bad. adore these pictures. thanks for another amazing post love. swing by to see pics of Hollywood's most celebrity filled neighborhood. xoxo

  3. I was in Rome this past March and I loved it! Have you made it to Trastevere? What what your favorite restaurant?


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