Monday, 6 June 2011

Nail Color: Royal Edition

When Kate Middleton got married back in April she looked stunning from head to toe, including her manicure! Her polish was custom blended using a mix of  Bourjois’ So Laque Ultra Shine nail polish in shade Rose Lounge and Essie’s 423 Allure. I purchased both colors but have yet to try mixing them together! I have been wearing the Bourjois polish for the past few weeks though, and it's the color I had on my nails for my holiday and after a short break I went back to it again this week! I've never tried their polish before and was pleasantly surprised by how well it wears and I came back from my week holiday and I only had one chipped nail! This shade would be perfect to use as part of a french manicure too! It is definitely going to be one of mail color staples from now on.

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