Saturday, 11 June 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Lace Back

I hadn't had a BBQ yet this year until Thursday night when I went to my friend Charlotte's House (she just graduated as a Doctor, I'm unbelievably proud of her). I love the smell of BBQ's and this one tasted exceptionally good!
I got this shirt on major sale in New Look last weekend, and was super happy to find it because I'd been eyeing a similar shirt in H&M but this one is sleeveless so it'll be perfect to see me through summer, added bonus it has an uneven hem which I'm just loving right now, I want to find a skirt with an uneven hem for this summer! Has anyone seen any good ones????

New Look Shirt, COH Jeans, Random Rings,
Gifted Bracelet


  1. I love those jeans and that top! Cute outfit!


  2. love that top!!! lace back is always a go for me!! and thank you allllways for your awesomely nice comments----can't thank you enough for all the support!! hope you have an amazing weekend pretty! much love

    ashley <3

  3. love the drapey shirt!
    gorgeous :)
    + we have the same name woooo.



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