Friday, 4 February 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Is It Time For Bed Yet???

This was the evening version of my outfit from the post before! As it was Orange Wednesday, I ended up going to the cinema with some friends! I literally came home from work grabbed some food and changed in 30 seconds, hence the awful looking pictures, I really needed sleep not an evening out! I grabbed the first pair of jeans I came too and then this cardigan from a packaged that had just arrived, which was a bad idea! It was sooo warm and comfortable I wanted to fall asleep in the car and the cinema, and when I got home I wanted to sleep in it! I actually purchased this sweater after seeing it on Amber's Notebook, and then Amber posted a link to sterlingstyle and I thought of I great Craft project for the cream version! I will get round to using it for it's intended purpose but for now I'm gonna keep wrapping myself up in it! Also how fabulous is this crochet tube bag from Planet Blue.

byCORPUS Cardigan, New Look Cami, True Religion Jeans,
Sam Edelman Carmen Flats, Precious Hands Tube Bag

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  1. looooove the bag! think i might know where that's from ;) supppper cute!!!!

    ashley <3


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