Sunday, 6 February 2011

Let's Get Crafty: Studded Army Jacket

So I finally got a round to my first studding project of the year! I love the Blu Moon line from Planet Blue and I'd love to own one of there studded army jackets! Each one is different and unique and are hand made by the Blu Moon team! One would look super cute over the new Blu Moon Babydoll Dress.
Blu Moon Studded Army Jacket $158
I decided I could have a go at making my own! So I found this army green jacket (although this one is a thinner material not an actual vintage army jacket) and ordered some pyramid studs and away I went.

I just used a large needle to make a small hole for the studs to push through and then just pressed the back of the studs down with a flat headed screw driver. I did want to use studs with a flat round back but I couldn't find any, although these worked really well and aren't coming off anytime soon!

And Voila, here is my own hand made studded army jacket! It turned out sooo much better than I expected, I'm so happy with it and can't wait to go out and rock it. I studded the pockets and put some along the shoulder seams too, although they aren't that easy to see with these pictures, I think I need to take some more photos! I am debating adding some studs around the cuff too and also maybe a patch on the back but I haven't found one that's just right yet, I did find a cute 'S' one I was thinking of buying.

I had so much fun making this jacket, do you think the Blu Moon team will hire me??? I do however have a couple more of these jackets and have an itch to make more so I will be making one for my first blog give away in a couple of weeks if anyone is interested!!


  1. OMG that is soooo cute! If you lived in Cali, Planet Blue would so hire you!
    And I have that Banana Republic top! You look really cute in it!

    Rachael xoxo

  2. Thanks :) I had a blast making it!!!


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