Friday, 25 February 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

February is nearly over and I have so much to look forward to in March, it's going to hopefully be a great month! So here we go with the things making me smile!

It seems everyone is getting feather's in their at the moment, and I want some too! Planet Blue has been holding events in their stores where you can have them done! I can't find anywhere around here that does them though, so I've ordered some and I'm gonna try and put them in myself or ask my friend if she'll put them in for me!
I'm going for a slightly more subtle look than the one above, I don't think I'd be allowed that many feather's in my hair for work! I got mine from eBay here for just $8.90! I'll let you know how they work out once they arrive!

Next weekend I'm going away with 11 of my best friends for a friend's birthday! We're renting a cottage not too far away and are just gonna get to spend some quality time together, as its so rare for us all to get time together now! I just hope it doesn't rain!

I'm loving this cute shirt from Forever 21. Jen at The Look 4 Less posted about this Elizabeth and James look-a-like back in may last year (here) and I missed out so I'm glad it's back!

Poet Chiffon Blouse $19.80

And tomorrow I will be launching my first blog giveaway! I hope you'll all enter :)

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