Thursday, 3 February 2011

Let's Twist Again

I'm getting so behind with my blog posts this week due to my new job, but I'm loving every minute of it and I'm learning so much!
I discovered these thanks to seeing them on people's Elfster wish lists over Christmas & I have nothing but fantastic and fabulous things to say about these Twistbands. They keep my hair perfectly in place, and when I get home from work I can pull them straight out and have no kinks left in my hair! They also make perfect bracelets to go with any outfit and look much better than the normal plain black hair elastic I normally have on my wrist! I though I went a little overboard with ordering, but now I want more!! I've seen similar hair ties on shopbop, that retail for a lot more than these, Twistbands start at just $2 each or $5 for a 3-pack.

Starting from the metallic gold one (as that's easy to spot) and going clockwise the colors I picked up were - metallic gold, metallic black, metallic silver, army green tie dye, cranberry tie dye, ballet pink tie dye, turquoise tie dye, plum tie dye, navy tie dye, tan tie dye, coco tie dye and finally black tie dye!

You need some of these in your life trust me!

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