Friday, 23 September 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

I think it's fair to say that fall has arrived! There are gorgeous golden leaves on the paths as I walk to work in the morning and that crisp chill in the air! I love summer days, mainly because we don't get enough of them in the UK, and while it's sad to see summer go it's nice to welcome fall and warm sweaters!

I may have a guilty secret of watching E! News whenever I get the chance and this week I love the outfits that Giuliana has been wearing which total less than $100. I'll be looking out for some of The H&M pieces this weekend!

I'm also going to be picking up this sweater from H&M after eyeing it for weeks and not biting the bullet! Plus until the end of September when you check into a H&M with facebook you got 20% off your whole purchase!

Although the main reason for a shopping trip this weekend is to find Susie a whole new wardrobe for when she moves to Japan soon! Susie reckons it's gonna be a stressful shopping trip, but I love the challenge!

I've also been making more bracelets this week, I've been going a little bit crazy but I love making these things!

Hows everyone else enjoying the last September weekend??


  1. Personally, I can't wait for october :) nice post!


  2. you know, im not a big fan of Gulianna but i love her looks!

  3. I love fall too. Ur lucky to be in the UK where you actually get use out of your sweaters.

  4. i love guiliana..(from watching her reality show!) cute looks. :)

  5. Nice sweater! I have been eyeing some of H&M's knits lately, and I may put my 20% discount to good use very soon!


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