Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Week off with a Visit to see the Wizard

My week off seems so long ago now, it always does after being back at work for one day! I spent the beginning of the week just chilling out at home and watching films! I also cleaned my room from top to bottom and sorted out lots of stuff I didn't need anymore (but I think there's more that could still go).

Before we headed off to London for a few days I took my sister for hot chocolate and cake at our favourite cafe in town!

We then headed off to enjoy some time relaxing in London! The first day was spent moving my sister into her new house for her next year of University and stocking her up with enough food to feed a small village! That night we went to catch a performance of The Wizard Of Oz! We'd been planning to go and see this for a while since the lead role of Dorothy is being played by Danielle Hope, who won BBC's 'Over The Rainbow'. Danielle was our favourite from the beginning so when she won we knew we had to get tickets!

I was surprised by how empty Oxford Street was when we came out after to get the tube!

The next morning we headed out to Trafalgar Square to go and see the Olympic Countdown Clock! It was so gorgeous we sat around their for a while before heading to Harrods to grab some goodies from the food hall for a picnic lunch!

Hyde Park was the perfect setting for our picnic (and I was super excited about finding Fiji water) After some lunch we walked around the park and found the Bronze Peter Pan statue which stands in Kesington Gardens. Peter Pan is my sister's favourite story and last time we planned to go it poured with rain! The weather was definitely in our favour this time! We headed off for some shopping in Oxford Street afterwards!

We headed home the following day, but stopped by Westfields as I wanted to check it out, having never been! I can't say that I was that thrilled by it really, maybe I'll have to check out the new one that just opened in Stratford instead! We grabbed some mini cupcakes from Lola's to take home as well!

Time has gone so quick, on Saturday I'll be heading back down to London to see my sister for her 21st Birthday!


  1. Fun Pictures! The food looks amazing! YUM!

  2. This hot chocolate looks fantastic!


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