Sunday, 31 July 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

It's almost August and the garden party I am having with Susie is just two weeks away and we haven't planned much! I hope the sun is going to make a show for it! It's been another busy week so here a few little things that made me happy this week!

My mum gave me this cute gift card to Accessorize and the card is designed to look like lots of stamps!

I ordered the skirt I tried on at H&M, online and managed to score it for £9.99! I used '8964' for 25% off one item and then stacked it with '1304' for £5 off an order! I'm not sure how long these are valid for or the conditions!

H&M Skirt £19.99

I was feeling inspired by Rosa Loves DC  and went and picked up some supplies to try out making the bracelets Rosa posted about here. I''ve since ordered more supplies to try out making more in different colors!

It was our student Pharmacist's last day at work on Friday so we all went out for a meal and I took cupcakes I baked into work too! I'm gonna miss her sooo much! Work is not going to be the same on Monday morning!

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  1. Good shout on the H&M discounts! It's a beautiful skirt. Those cupcakes look delicious :)


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