Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Royal Norfolk Show 2011

Last week I enjoyed a day out at The Royal Norfolk Show! It's the largest two-day agricultural show in the country, but there is something there for everyone to enjoy! I love going around and seeing all the animals from sheep, to rabbits, to snakes( I was even brave and stroked one) and bees. Then there is all the wonderful food and drink stalls, where you can score lots of samples and discover some tasty new treats and the best local produce! You can also stop by the Cookery Theatre to see some demonstrations like we did! It's also filled with craft and clothing stalls, stalls from local businesses and schools and car dealers! And that's without mentioning all the action happening in the Grand Ring and all the other rings where you can see livestock being judged, watch dance and music performances and even see an RAF Parachute Display Team. It's hard to believe you can fit all these things into one day! And even a quick shower can't dampen any ones spirits! I always plan to take more pictures but get too caught up in everything going on I only ever end up taking a few! I can't wait for the 2012 show!

My mum has an obsession with owls right now and these ones were beautiful!

Probably the biggest owl I have ever seen up close!

I want a goat!

I love going to watch the hatching eggs every year!

Although the chicks look much cuter when they're all fluffy and not covered in egg gunk!!

Even more animals!

Taking shelter in the Lotus Racing tent while it poured with rain! I'll be seeing the team in action in just 2 days!!

Some of the yummy goodies we bought back home! I also got some drinks including a delicious and refreshing vodka ice tea! ( I'd also started eating the fudge before I got home)

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