Friday, 8 July 2011

When In Rome....Part Three

A well over due post that goes with Part One & Part Two of my Rome trip! I've just got to my last day to post about and it was a fabulous last day! The glorious sunshine was back out in the morning again and we headed off to go boating and even made some friends in the water!
We then decided to hire a bike cart thing( I have no idea what they are) the only mistake we made was not getting a power assisted one! Everyone else was flying around and we only could 'fly' going downhill! Lunch was well deserved after that work out! The last night we decided to get dressed up and go and eat by the Trevi Fountain and then walk around the whole city and see it all lite up at night! We even took a trip back past the ruins the cats lived in and obviously got some more ice cream!
I was so sad when our holiday had to come to an end! I managed to grab one more tub of ice cream before catching a rather depressing flight back to England! All good things must come to an end I suppose and I know I will be taking another holiday with Anna soon! I hope you all enjoyed my pictures and didn't get too bored!

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