Sunday, 3 July 2011

Turning 23

On Wednesday I waved goodbye to being 22 and said Hello to 23! I'm almost in my mid-twenties eeekk! I woke up to a stand full of coconut cupcakes my mum had baked for me, let's just say they didn't last long! I then headed off to picnic with some friends by the river, before heading back to my friend's house to chill out by the pool and watch some tennis! Ben also baked me a delicious chocolate cake which again didn't last long!
I still had space to go out to a local Italian that evening with my family before meeting back up again for drinks with my wonderful friends! I think I can finally say that I LOVE Birthdays again!

Cupcakes baked by my mum

Pink lemonade

I promise we did have sandwiches before all the sweets and cakes

Wearing a dress from a market in Rome

Hanging by the pool

Even Lucy the dog joined in

My yummy cake baked by Ben

Drinks with the best friends anyone could ask for!

Wearing 'The Zara Blue Pleated Dress@ made famous by Kate Middleton

Let's see what 23 has in store for me!

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