Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sun Smart - Hat Attack

Now that summer is almost here and the sun will hopefully be shining a lot, it's time to remember to be sun smart! For the next few weeks every Thursday I will be sharing some tips on staying safe in the sun, starting with hats!

Hats aren't just stylish in the sun, they are also very practical to keep the sun off you head and shading your face! I've burnt my scalp before and let me tell you, it's not fun. So now hats are my pale skin's best friend when they rays are beating down.

Here are some of my favourite summer hat picks

This summer straw hat is a classic piece that you can pair with a bikini on the beach or with a long maxi dress for a day out shopping! The wide brim also gives that extra protection to your face.

I thought this cute Topshop hat would be perfect for summer festivals with the floral detail and it would still look cute with paired with wellington boots when battling through the mud if it rains! 

This J Crew hat is actually one I have ordered because I can see my self pairing it with everything this summer from jeans and a tee, to a summer short suit and a little black dress.

Even when you are headed for the gym or a walk in the park you can still cover your head up in style! This one from Forever 21 is a total steal too. I have very similar black and green hats.

And how cute is this striped hat from Dorothy Perkins. If I was headed to the French Riviera (I'll keep dreaming) this would be in my suitcase, it would be perfect for a boating/yacht trip.

What are your favourite style hats for keeping your head protected in the sun? Share your sun smart tips in the comments!


  1. Love the Dorothy Perkins hat! Great picks!


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