Thursday, 15 December 2011

Zara Lace Tulip Dress Vs Rodarte For Target Lace Print Dress

Kate Middleton was seen wearing this gorgeous Zara Lace Tulip Dress earlier this month! It retails for £69.99 ($99) if you can still find one! Of course it has sold out just like everything else she has been seen wearing this year!

Although it's not exact and it's from an old collection, this Rodarte for Target Lace Print Dress reminded me of Kate's dress the second I saw her in it! You can still find this dress new on Ebay (there's some auctions on Ebay right now)! I managed to score a brand new for just £11 the other week! Perfect for a holiday party!


  1. that is such a pretty dress!!

  2. gorg, great find! perfect for the holidays.


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