Friday, 23 December 2011

Let's Get Crafty: Christmas Goodies

These are just some of the super quick Christmas crafts I made with my mum for our craft stall we had earlier this month!

We added some glitter and buttons to these giant gift tags for that always needed added bit of sparkle!

We added little 3d Christmas characters to plain pegs to make card garlands!

We had lots of Christmas stickers to use up so we just added them to plain gift tags, these were a great hit and we sold them all!

My mum also made some Christmas cakes to sell, along with some plaques for people to use on their own cakes! I helped make marzipan fruits (which I forgot to photograph) and we made these spiced Christmas chocolates and boxed them up and added little gift tags so they were all ready to give as gifts! These were the first ting we sold out of, we definitely needed to make more! 

We also painted signs and made some little memo chalkboards, along with with some seasonal marmalade and filled stockings with goodies! I also should have taken some pictures of all the things my little sister had cross stitched, she made cards, Christmas decorations, lockets paper weights and little gift bags!

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  1. all these photos are gorgeous!! looks like a great trip

    love kat


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