Tuesday, 27 December 2011

London Shopping Purchases

I thought I'd share with you the goodies I picked up in London, considering I didn't feel like eating at all that weekend, I sure did bring a lot of food goodies home ( I also came home with some marzipan pigs and some flavoured marzipan pieces not pictured)

I treated myself and my sister to a Christmas decoration for our tree from Harrods!

I picked up all these decorations for around the house from the Winter Wonderland

I thought my mum's big geese need a little baby one to look after

Although my visit to Oxford Street was flying I did snap these up! This blazer was just in the door of Forever 21 so I grabbed it

and this cozy sweatshirt was by the tills, so that came home with me too! I ran into Primark to pick up something for one of the girls at work and spotted these fleece lined tights, I had to get both colours (and today I picked up a grey pair too)

Anyone notice a gingerbread man theme?

The very first time I went to Harrods was Christmas time with my best friend Susie and her mum back in 2003! Her mum let us choose something from the food hall as a treat and I picked out one of these big gingerbread men! He tasted sooo good! Now every time I got to Harrods I head straight to the food hall for one of these! For about the last two years they've always been sold out when I get there, so this time when I noticed some in a basket, I squeezed past all the other shoppers to snag them!

And as always of course I went to Lola's to get some cupcakes! This box came from Topshop

and then when I saw these exclusives at the Lola's bar in Harrods I had to bring one of each colour home!

I also treated myself to something from part of my Christmas bonus from work, I will share that with you later!!

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  1. Great purchases!! The blazer is fabulous!!


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