Friday, 28 January 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

Is it just me or has January flown by? I can't believe it's almost the end of the month, but I gotta say 2011 is proving to be a good year so far, I hope it's going to carry on this way!

Firstly I'm smiling because it's finally pay after what seems the longest 6 weeks ever! It's nice being paid early at the time, but not when you get to the fourth week and realise that you've gotta stretch your money another 2 weeks! But even better job related, you may have seen earlier in the week I've got a new job!!! I've been jumping up and down all week! I've never known what I wanted to do but hopefully this is gonna be a better fit for me than working in retail! I'm going to be working and training pharmacy which goes perfectly with my science and maths background that I studied for my A-levels, although that seems such a long time ago now! I've only been working part time for the past few months and it's been driving my crazy so going back to full time it another bonus, although I might be posting less Outfits Of The Day, but I will make up for it whenever I have time off work!

My sister is also home this weekend! She had to come back for an injection today and decided to stay the weekend! We're going out for a meal and to the cinema to celebrate my new job tomorrow and then were making a road trip on Sunday to take her back to Uni!

Remember these studs I posted last week that I ordered for a craft project? Well they arrived today, so I shall be doing some studding very soon!

This week I also started planning a trip to Rome with my friend Anna, we will hopefully be going in May! Neither of us have been to Rome before but Anna has been to other parts Italy many times before! Does anyone have any good recommendations for things to do, places to see and eat???

I can't wait to throw my coin in the Trevi fountain and make a wish! Talking of Rome It also reminded me of the Sabrina film they made 'Sabrina Goes To Rome'! I may have to watch that before I go, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was my favourite TV programme when I was younger.

Does anyone own this trench coat from Lauren's spring line at Kohl's! I think this is a piece I need in my life, it rains here, a lot, I think a coat is always a justified purchase right??? Especially when it has an amazing bow detail on the back!

LC Lauren Conrad Trench Coat

What has everyone else got planned for this weekend?????


  1. That trench is Fabulous with a capital F! And yes, a coat is always a good justifiable investment in this country!

  2. Just stumbled on to your blog, it is so cute. I love that trench, the colour is absolutely gorgeous! It's making me want spring to come even sooner. But I agree January has flown by! Have a lovely weekend :)

    Xo Chelle

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog Chelle! I just looked at yours and you're so cute! I love those two tone boots!



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