Monday, 31 January 2011

Soixante Neuf Vs Aldo 3 Stone Ring

When I went to drop my sister back at Uni yesterday after our weekend together we stopped and had a bite of lunch before heading back home! I wanted to try on a pair of shoes in Aldo as I don't have a store anywhere near me and there's one in the mall right by her university! They unfortunately they didn't have the shoes in stock I wanted to try, but this ring caught my eye. I love Soixante Neuf rings and the gold hammered ring is one of my favourite pieces. Even better I love find a look for less. This ring reminded me of the 3 Stone ring I'd seen at Planet Blue and for only £9 I decided it was a great look for less! It's not identical but it has the 3 green turquoise stones and a silver detailing on the edge. Even better when I went to pay the guy at the counter gave me 10% discount for being so smiley. I can't find this ring online but it's new in stores so you should be able to find one! I left happier than if I'd found the shoes :)

Click below if you like to purchase the original Soixante Neuf ring at Planet Blue.

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  1. wow what a beautiful ring!


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