Thursday, 20 January 2011

Outfit Of The Day: The Cat's Out Of The Bag

I love cats, I have done ever since I was a tiny little girl. My dad would never let me have one, but after begging for a long long time and saving up all my pocket money he broke down and let me get one just before my 8th birthday. I went to chose one and there was just one little tabby kitten, the runt of the little and I fell in love! The lady didn't want me to have her because she had a poorly eye and was so small and she was worried that she wasn't too well, but I got my way and this beauty came home with me and the nice lady even let me have her for free so I got to spend my money I'd saved on a pink collar and toys for her! I named her Tabitha (only to find out a few later at the vets it was actually a boy, but I wouldn't change her name). She was the best thing I have saved up for and always be. Unfortunately this past July she passed away at the age of 14. I miss her everyday :( I miss coming home and having her jump up to see me, I miss the warmth of her cuddled up on my stomach at night,  I miss the sound of her little bell ringing as she walked along, I miss everything about her! Recently I've been thinking of getting another kitten, but no one will ever be able to replace my Tabitha <3

H&M Sweater, Chinese Laundry Turbo Boots

Jennifer Zeuner & Etsy Necklaces

My beautiful Tabby

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  1. Love the hello kitty sweater!!! I adore HK.


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