Monday, 24 January 2011

Bunnies, Butter Icing and Beautiful Buns

Another Sunday and another decorating lesson from my mum! She decided she'd teach us some piping techniques this week so Susie made the buns the night before and my mum decided we'd practise Easter ideas as we want to throw an Easter party this year! We made some lovely bright colored butter icing for the top of the cakes and cut out little lambs, bunnies and ducks and piped them with some icing too, I loved making the lambs fluffy! Susie's boyfriend even came over for a bit and had a go at some piping, he actually was better at piping the tiny little whiskers on the bunnies than we were! And you know we had to have some fun with the leftover icing too!

Mixing up some lovely blue and green icing

John's Cakes

Susie's Cakes

My Cakes

And having some fun with the leftover icing!


  1. Wow these are adorable. Love them!

  2. Mmmmm and I'm starting my diet today too!! These look amazing. Love the leather below!


  3. Very cute! I love cupcakes!


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