Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

I haven't done one of these for a few weeks now, I've been slacking but I've smiled about lots of things these past couple of weeks!

My mum got me all this cool baking stuff for Christmas including this Whoopie Pie book! I've already made four batches of these things and I love that you can make a different combination of pies and filling every time!

My best friend is home and I'm getting to spend so much time with her! She hasn't been back for this long since we were in High School and hopefully she'll be around until July time! We've been baking (lots of Whoopie Pies), doing crafts and bringing me to my next smile playing or should I say dancing on the Wii.

We are addicted to playing Just Dance, Katy Perry is stuck in my head permanently.

Just Dance for Wii

and I just ordered this too because we both love musicals, so I'm sure we'll become just addicted to this.

Dance On Broadway for Wii
And I'm sure it won't be too long before I have to purchased Just Dance 2!

Lindsay over at the HipLip posted about this gorgeous Free People Goddess Dress the other day and I fell in love but I can't afford the $128 price tag right now :(

When I was in Dorothy Perkins today my mum pulled out this beautiful dress that was a great Look for Less and was on sale for just £17! Unfortunately they didn't have my size, so I'm hoping to find one in another store!

I also started spring cleaning my wardrobe, which isn't going too well at the moment, I think I need to be a bit more ruthless with my sorting out! I have invested in more of the huggable hangers though, because I love these things and they really do create more space! i normally pick up packs of these in T.K.Maxx

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