Friday, 7 January 2011

It begins with a B....

I'm not a big New Years person at all really, I never use to celebrate it but my friends have always celebrated it with their families and since we were all old enough to go we all spend New Year together now instead! It always starts by us all having a meal together at someones house (the boys cook the mains and the girls make dessert) and then some years we go out and some years we just stay in and have a party!

This year we all went out after eating to a pub and they were collecting on the door for charity and you had to go as something beginning with B! I decided to go as a ballet dancer! There was also a Brownie, a butterfly, Batman, and birds to name a few!

I was also super excited this New Year because my best friend had been away travelling since September and she came home on New Year's Eve!

Another New Year tradition is we all have a photo taken on the sofa together! This year it was my camera we set the timer with so I had to dive in quickly!

And here are a couple of past pictures I just dug up!

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