Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sale Finds

When I was little I used to be so excited for the January Sales to start, I'd take all my Christmas money with me and normally spend it all in one go! Now I just find sale shopping stressful. The shops start the sales so early and a lot of stuff is really old stuff they haven't got rid of in past years and the queues are just crazy, with everyone hunting for the great deals and returning all their unwanted Christmas presents! My sister wanted to go and get some things she'd had her eye on so I tagged along to return something and pop into a few shops! I really wasn't in the mood to shop, but I did just grab a few things in Primark!

I'd seen these boots before and I could see in the window there was one odd pair hanging, I went in and they were my size and reduced to just £10! They've been rather attached to my feet since then!

I grabbed these things on the way past to the till, 4 items for £5 not bad!

This wasn't on sale but caught my eye and was still a bargain at £14!

I also picked up a sweater in Zara but it's going back, it didn't look so good when I tried it on! Other than that I picked up a few things on sale in Boots, a few tops for work from New Look and I got a few pieces for my future home on sale from a local shop, The Marmalade Tree! I have no plans to buy a home anytime soon but I do have plans on how I want it decorated, so I've been buying a few things when I see them and fall in love!


  1. Oh what a bummer about the Zara cardigan! It looks so cute! I used to do that before we bought a house, buy bits and bobs when something caught my eye!


  2. great boots!


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