Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nail Color: Gold Crackle

I can't keep this OPI Shatter off my nails at the moment! This time I layered it over OPI's Glitzerland! I loved this look even more than the turquoise. I also thought I'd share my current base and top coats! The Seche Vita dry fast top coat has been the best I have ever used, it helps make my nail colour last longer! I got the Essie First Base basecoat when my last Nail inc basecoat ran out. It's good but I wouldn't say much different from others I've used in the past!


  1. This look is so cool, Stacey! I'm going to pick up some Seche Vita when I go on my travels soon :)

    P.s Thanks for entering my Giveaway!!!


  2. I've been so nervous to try the crackle, but I really like the gold and black together, really cute!

  3. love the nails!


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