Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

I'm not really one for making New Year resolutions, I don't ever make any worth while or any I can stick too! I did tweet a few of the things I'd like to do this year though and I made them things that should *fingers crossed* be easy to stick to!

1. Give Blood - I think it's amazing thing to do and I have yet to donate blood, I will admit it's because I'm slightly scared , I don't really want someone sticking a needle in my arm. But when it can help save someones life, I think enduring  a few minutes of being uncomfortable is something I can do.

2. Eat More Healthily & Get Fit - Really I just need to snack less as work! I never got a chance to eat between meals at my old job but at this one we snack a lot and I have such a sweet tooth it's hard for me to resist when someone brings cake in! I go spinning once a week, but I'd like to try and do some yoga classes again this year, it's been far too long since I went to one!

3. Write More Letters - It might seem a strange resolutions but I love receiving letters, we live in a world of technology where I can sit in a pub in a small town in the east of the UK and I can video chat with my friend thousands of miles away in a bathroom in Japan and there is no longer that 10 second delay where you have to wait to hear a reply before you speak again! With my Facebook & twitter and my email at my disposal i am connected to the world 24/7. Sometimes I think it's good to communicate in a good old fashioned way, so I plan to write more letters to my friends who are lucky enough to be all over the world!

4. Buy Less, Save More - I want to overhaul my whole closet this year! I have no hangers left and it's so hard to find things to wear when I can't easily see it all! I'm not planning to buy anymore clothing until I've sorted everything out, and If I do buy something I must get rid of an old item in it's place! I just purchased a new sweater from H&M the other day so I got rid of an old similar sweater that I don't wear too much anymore! I figure that if I restrict my self on buying then I'll be saving more! I already have a standing order set up so that as soon as I get paid some of my wages go straight into a savings account that I can't easily access which stops me from borrowing money from it!! I've always been good at saving but this year I want to save even more so I can spend it on trips away and nicer items I usually won't bother to save for!

What are all your New Year Resolutions and how do you plan on keeping to them?

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  1. I've got a fantastic suggestion to kill two birds with one stone...send Susie letters...with lovely old clothes you're throwing out too :D
    And I'll skype support you when you're giving blood! It's scary but if I can do it you can!


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