Thursday, 5 January 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Pick 'n' Mix

As much as I loved New Year's Day it wasn't lazy enough for my liking, I needed more sofa time! So the Bank Holiday was dedicated to just that (and a Skype date with Susie). I did pop out with my mum and sister into town since they wanted to check out the new 'Family Bargains' Store. We pulled up and when I saw the Pick 'n' Mix sign I knew that Susie would be the only person to understand my excitement! We still have a ton of Christmas goodies floating around the house so I was good and didn't get any, It also made me slightly sad that Susie won't be here to pick 'n' mix it up, it's one of our favourite past times, we really did spend too much time in Woolworths squishing as many sweets as possible into a cup instead of studying!

Curious Gypsy Thermal, LC Kohls Jeans, Primark

Gifted Headband, Bag from Italy


  1. I love your headband, so cute!


  2. I think this really only an outfit of the afternoon since you we're in your pjs when I spoke to you at 11!! But I am very sad too :'( maybe we'llhave to do Skype pic'n'mixing it up!


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