Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Outfit Of The Day: New Sweater

This is the sweater I mentioned in my resolutions post, I got it on sale in H&M for £7 (my mum actually pulled this from the rail for me) and yes I did actually get rid of a sweater when I got home with this! This one is so much better than my old one anyway! It's a super soft knit and I could actually sleep in it and it's loose enough I can pull it off my shoulder too! A perfect cozy outfit for a Saturday!

H&M Sweater, Primark Leggings, UO Hat, Chinese
Laundry Boots

And a sneak peek at my next nail colour post


  1. This sweater looks so comfy! I love it. :)

    xx Jessica

  2. I love your new sweater! And the colored denim! I hope we can follow each other! Check out my blog too and lemme know if you are interested!




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