Monday, 23 January 2012

H&M Home Collection

Ever since H&M launched their Home Collection I've been wanting to purchase some pieces to check out the quality! Since only 2 stores (Oxford Street & Westfield Stratford) in the UK stock the home range I had to order online so I waited until they had a great sale going on!

I ordered these storage baskets and duvet cover to put away for next Christmas! The duvet cover is much better quality that I expected for the price and I would purchase more in the future, they have some really cute new spring ones at the moment!

I'd been after these gold and silver baskets for a while but didn't think they were worth the £7.99 price tag! I'm glad I waited for the sale because they are now 50% off.  They are not as thick as I would have hoped for and I wouldn't have purchased these at full price if I'd seen them in store! But for half price I adore them! They're perfect for storing perfume bottles or for using them in the bathroom!

They still have lots of items on sale and at the moment you can get 10% off your order at with the code 9602, raid until January 29th 2012. 


  1. Do they have this in the US?

  2. I think it's meant to be launching in the US this spring!

  3. They are so cute, I really need these kinds of things in my room! cluttered with bottles and make up!

    Rachael xoxo

  4. Super cute! I can't WAIT to move because I'll finally be closer to an H&M. There currently isn't any within a 2 hour drive from me, and I used to shop there all the time. SOON though! :)

    xx Jessica

  5. Love the silver and gold basket!

    Didn't even know about this!! Will definitely have to check this out! {My wallet is scared!}

    xo, sam

    1. Just read your reply that it starts in Spring in the US! Guess my wallet is a little safer now! But I checked out the website, and the stuff is so cute!


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