Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ahoy There Land Lovers

Aye, one o' th' many things I had t' do b'fore I port fer th' weekend be finish mak'n me pirate gingerbread men fer th' birthday lassey. I "Blimey Thats Good!" posted here bout mak'n th' pieces o' their outfits. Susie "Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?" came blistering round blitheringly early an' had baked th' gingerbread men an' wi' some ic'n tubes an' sil'er balls I present t' ye our pirate dressed gingerbread men. I "Fancy Scallywag!" decided nay t' make black boots too cause I don't really like th' taste o' th' black icing! This book be gonna g't a lot o' use out o' "Thar She Blows!" it!

Just in case you were wondering if I'd gone a bit crazy I found a pirate translator online and decided I'd post in pirate talk! Here's was what I had originally written-

One of the many things I had to do before I left for the weekend was finish making my pirate gingerbread men for the birthday girl. I posted here about making the pieces of their outfits. Susie came round early and had baked the gingerbread men and with some icing tubes and silver balls I present to you our pirate dressed gingerbread men. I decided not to make black boots too because I don't really like the taste of the black icing! This book is gonna get a lot of use out of it!

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