Friday, 25 March 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

I'm sooo excited for this coming week, but it's gonna be sooo busy! We've had some gorgeous sunshine this week but I've been at work, so I'm hoping to see some of it next week when I'm having 3 days off in the middle of the week to go and visit my sister! Tomorrow night I'm off out to celebrate ( well I'm not excited, because I'll miss here again lol) my friend leaving to go back to her job as a hairdresser and cruise ships! We haven't had a big night out with lots of us since New Year, time to PARTY!!!!! Woop woop!!

Then with my lovely hangover on Sunday I can watch the first Grand Prix of the season! I will be supporting the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team as always!

The  it's time to pack and head off to London on Tuesday! Now I've just got to decide what to wear on Saturday night and to take with my next week!

What has everyone else got planned for this coming weekend??

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