Thursday, 31 March 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Home Sweet Home

I am home, boooo. I'm not happy that it is back to reality tomorrow! Oh well at least there's only one working day left and then it's the weekend! Sorry for looking a bit wind swept, I took these photos when I got home after a day of walking around London and a train ride home! This scarf, jacket and the necklaces have been attached to me for the whole trip! I had an fabulous time with my sister and Taylor Swift was AMAZING! I shall post some pictures from the concert next week when I get the good pictures (my camera is terrible) from my sister! Every time I visit my sister it makes me realise how much I miss her not being around at home, Luckily she'll be back in a week to spend a couple of week sat home over Easter!

Topshop Sweater & Bag, Forever 21 Jacket, Gucci Sunglasses,
Deena & Ozzy Scarf, COH Jeans, Converse

Necklaces: Me&Ro, Topshop, Zoe Chicco, Gara Danielle


  1. Love that striped top! Been looking for the perfect one and I think you've got it!


  2. I have that Topshop sweater lol! Looking good :) xoxo


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