Friday, 4 March 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

I am ecstatic for my 4 day weekend! And it started last night after work with a movie night at my house! I love this popcorn bowl I got and it even came with an 'S' shaped shaker to fill with sugar or salt, whatever takes your fancy!

My speedy outfit change after work, I had so much to do last night!

Goddis Cardigan, New Look Tank, TR Jeans, Primark Flats

I normally always drink water and I'm not a big fizzy drinks person, but I do love having Coca-Cola from a glass bottle, it just tastes so much better to me!

I just got done packing and I'm all ready for my weekend away and I'll be leaving in the next hour! I really hope I haven't forgotten anything, there's normally always one thing I forget! I'm not very organised when it comes to packing! I need more practise!

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  1. 4 day weekend sounds like a dream!!! haven't had one of those in foreverrrrr---and it looks like you had a good time! LOVE that goddis cardi--looks familiar to me ;) adorable! hope you are having another good weekend!!

    ashley <3


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