Thursday, 24 March 2011

Forever 21 Purchases

I wish we had Forever 21 stores here, I would be in one everyday! We do now have an online F21 store in the UK now which makes shopping there a lot more conveinient, although they don't always have the same stock as the US site so I still place orders there too! These are the few pieces I picked up for spring recently!

 I loved this necklace the minute I set me eyes on it! I love long stone pendant necklaces and the faux leather cord was a nice change from a chain! Perfect to pair with all my neutrals and lace pieces from spring!

They have the most amazing selection of rings and these ones here and here caught my eye while placing this order!

I don't see the jacket online anymore but I needed a new black jacket that would see me into spring as my H&M one is a bit too wintery now! This blouse was top of my list as it sold out online last year when I wanted it! And finally I thought the this sweater would be perfect for this chilly summer nights to throw on over whatever I will be wearing! I'm loving crochet pieces right now!


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