Sunday, 12 December 2010

Outfit Of The Day: A Leopard Doesn't Change Its Spots...

Or in my case, scarf! I do love the cold weather and getting to wear all my warm sweaters and jackets but I feel like I'm also living in jeans right now because nothing else seems to keep my poor little legs warm, so please get just a tiny bit warmer weather! I'm loving my H&M scarf though, it's one of the cheapest things I've purchased and is probably getting the most use!

C&C Cashmere Cardigan, Myne Top, H&M Scarf,
Jennifer Zeuner Necklace

Prada for Neiman Marcus Heels

How amazing is this huge ring! I love it!

Gara Danielle Ring


  1. I live in denim as well. Just can't help it since I live Southern California...cute blog!


  2. Thanks Kimberly :)

    Here's the link Suzy,(Look out for a code I used a 30% off one when I got it)

    I emailed with them and they sent me pictures of all the rings they had available so I could chose the one I wanted since they vary in size and shape so much!

  3. Thanks Stace, I like the pink one on there!


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