Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Party Bags

My mum works at a centre for retired people, where they can go for coffee, dances, table tennis and lots of other activities! They also hold special events and dances and this week they are having a Christmas meal and party! My mum decided she wanted to make little party bags for people to take home as a lot of them don't have families. So she roped me in to help make them! I got the fun jobs of wrapping all the mince pies up and putting all the goodies in these bags and tying them up with these tags. I'm glad I didn't have to cut all the cake and wrap each piece neatly in cellophane, my cake slices wouldn't have been very even!

All the bags filled with a mince pie, a slice of Christmas cake and some chocolate.

 I hope they all enjoy the party!!!

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