Thursday, 9 December 2010

Designer Love: Ruth Cross

So I'm sure a lot of you are huge Twilight fans, everyone out there seems to be Twilight obsessed! I was never into all the hype to start with until New Moon was released last year and my sister wanted to go see it! So we went and got the first film on DVD to watch before we went to the cinema! After that I decided to buy the books, and it wasn't until this part that I totally fell in love with Twilight! It's all about the books for me, I couldn't put them down!

I did however fall in love with the mittens that Kristen Stewart's character Bella wore in the first film!

So off I went to Google who they were designed by and to my surprise they were made by a designer here in the UK, Ruth Cross! There was a waiting list for these mittens back then and I debated about getting them or not but decided why not! Well I didn't have to wait long, in fact I think it was only 2 weeks before I got the email saying I could purchase them and I got my mittens just before Christmas last year and in time for all the snow we got! As soon as they arrived it was love at first sight! The wool is so soft and the Drab Bronze colour is gorgeous and matches perfectly with so many of my jackets! I love that they're long and they keep my hands super warm! I'm having no snowball fights in these lovely mittens! Here are some pictures of me from last winter rocking my Bella Mittens and I'm sure I'll have lots more from this year as I just pulled them out again this week!

Everything from Ruth Cross is hand knitted here in the UK and you can have things made to order too, in a whole variety of colors using the super soft Scottish lambswool.

Check out Ruth Cross here and you can order the Bella Mitten's which are in stock here.

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