Sunday, 19 December 2010

London Visit Part One: New Purchases

So my sister and I didn't do a lot of shopping really, we just both wanted to finish off the last bits of our Christmas shopping! Of course I did pick up a few items that I fell for and some adorable Christmas ornaments from the Winter Wonderland Market! I did finish my Christmas shopping off too and found some really nice presents, which I've spent today wrapping up!
I've been looking for another plaid shirt and loved this one when I saw it and the striped top was on sale in H&M for £3! I'd seen it before and liked the shoulder shape of it, so I had to grab when I saw it on sale!

My goodies from Harrods! I love the gingerbread men they sell there, but they were all sold out so I went for these Christmassy ones instead! It's so delicious! I also got a red velvet whoppie cake, it was divine! Next time I go I wanna try the blueberry eclairs!

Harrods also had a Hello Kitty for Harrods range, so I got this little cutie to hang on my tree!
I got all of these ornaments from the Winter Wonderland Angel's Market! I love that they had stalls from lots of foreign places because it means I can find so many cute unique pieces! I had to get the little pine cone one because we have two on our tree that were my Great Nan's and they're my mum's favourite and this one goes so well with them!

This was my favourite purchase of the trip and was my little splurge! In fact me and my sister both got a new ring (hers is made from a teaspoon). As soon as I saw this ring it remind me of the Soixante Neuf woven ring I'd seen online, except this one was a little bit more price friendly, around $65 verses $148.
Soixante Neuf Woven Silver Ring
My ring came from a stall called Away with the Fairies and they have an online site here. It also came with a cute little card that read 'I am weaving together the best of my life and leaving the rest behind'

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  1. I have the H&m stripe top. Its one of my faves right now. you got an amazing deal on it. I also love that hello kitty ornament. I'd love one for my tree.


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